Presenters - Nick Hoard and Michael Ray

AI Digital Marketing Dominance

What You'll Learn...

  • Where your clinic needs to be dominating - There's a few different areas you need to make sure you're paying attention to.

  • Understanding how AI can help streamline your marketing efforts - $ is attracted to speed and AI can help speed up your process exponentially.

  • Practical Ways (with Prompts!) on how to use AI - There's so many ways you can use AI. We've made the process simple!

  • Best Practices when it comes to using AI Software like ChatGPT and Bard - Make sure you're staying within proper guidelines when using AI so that you don't get flagged by Google.

Ready to understand how AI can assist you in your marketing efforts?

Join us for an eye-opening webinar where we unveil the secrets to streamlining your marketing process with the power of AI!

In this training, Nick and Michael will guide you through "AI Digital Marketing Dominance" covering essential areas your clinic needs to be excelling at online and how AI can revolutionize your marketing process and attract better results.

Learn practical and actionable ways to integrate AI into your marketing strategy with ease using swipe and deploy prompts we've developed! Plus, gain valuable insights into best practices when using AI software like ChatGPT and Bard to ensure compliance.

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to stay ahead in the digital game and supercharge your clinic's patient generation.

Discover The Latest Trends

AI is revolutionizing marketing by empowering clinics with data-driven insights and personalized experiences, making it a significant trend in the industry.

Increase Your Inbound Calls

Using AI to optimize your messaging, target relevant audiences, and boost engagement, leading to an increase in phone calls and inquiries from potential patients.

Dominate Your Local Market

Leveraging AI in regards to your digital marketing efforts can help your clinic dominate the market and attract a steady influx of new patients.

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